Sample projects developed to fully exploit the PED-Board capabilities jointly with the LabVIEW graphical programming. Provided projects are open, and they can be used as starting point in user defined applications.

Please read carefully the SOFTWARE DISCLAIMER.

  • Field Oriented Control algorithm for PMSM and SiC inverter [NEW] Available Feb. 2021


  • Complete control structure for grid-tied AC-DC SiC inverter [NEW] Available Feb. 2021


Vector control strategy for PM-Machines implemented using a 32-bit single precision floating-point arithmetic directly on the FPGA target (SGL). Extreme code reusability and programming efficiency to save FPGA resources. Fully configurable from the Real-Time target to be used in different electrical drives.

Application of Repetitive Control strategy to a 3-phase 4-leg inverter for output voltage regulation in stand-alone applications. Repetitive Controller is completely closed on the FPGA using floating-point arithmetic, whereas RT target in mainly devoted to manage the graphical user interface (GUI) and control tuning parameters. Complete LabVIEW project is provided.

A full LabVIEW project for controlling permanent magnets electrical machines fed by a 3-phase voltage source inverter. Project includes PED-Board peripheral drivers, abc-2-dq transformations, FPGA and Real-Time VIs. Current control loops are closed on the FPGA target, whereas the speed controller runs on the Real-Time target. A resolver is considered as absolute position sensor. FPGA calculations have been performed by fixed-point arithmetic (FXP).

Single-phase PLL based on Kalman filter [FPGA]


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