Hereafter is reported the description of a full Field Oriented Control structure which can be used in Permanent Magnets machine based electrical drives. Current loops are closed on the FPGA target, whereas the speed loop is executed by the Real-Time target. PWM modulation with 3rd harmonic injection scheme is used, jointly with a dedicated scheduler implemented on the FPGA. Saturation of voltage vector and current reference are completely achieved, as well as over current, over voltage, over speed errors. Temperature acquisition from power modules is also illustrated. Machine speed and position are supposed to be available from a resolver, which is managed by the PED-Board on board resolver interface. Position is manipulated to reflect the correct alignment of the flux vector. 32-bit Floating-Point arithmetic is used, except for the parts of the program that do not need to be updated when the drive changes.

PMSM_FOC_SGL_EXP-TEST-1Figure 1. Experimental test at 700V DC.

Complete project description: PED-Board_PMSM-FOC_SGLmath.pdf

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