As an added convenience, its handles are angular in shape (rather than rounded, like the Explorer models’ handles), so they don’t prevent you from setting the unit down on any of its six sides, making it easier for you to access all of the charging ports. Relatively compact and easy to move for a generator of this capacity when compared to similar products. If you have read … In our battery-rundown endurance test, it kept our tabletop fan running for 2 hours (versus 9.75, 14, and 7 hours with our larger picks). It got up to 162 W in our max-output tests, which isn’t a lot compared with the 430 W to 710 W we recorded for our larger picks. It can easily meet the power supply requirements of the majority of electrical appliances. Quick and Flexible Charging. You can use lighting and electrical devices all while enjoying the great outdoors. Still a fantastic option for those living the outdoor lifestyle, this is a portable, lightweight, and fairly compact power station. But if you are looking to save money then it is better to choose Jackery. The Explorer 160 has a two-year warranty, twice as long as the warranties for the other sub-5-pound models we tested. The Jackery 1000 has the most outlets with 4 USB and 3 AC. The addition of MPPT technology provides faster solar recharge rates when used with solar panels. Rated max output: 1,000 WRated capacity: 1,000 WhWeight: 22 poundsBody dimensions: 12.5 by 8 by 8.5 inches. Explorer 240 features 1* AC outlet (110V 200W 400W Peak), 2* USB-A ports and 1* DC car port, power your outdoor adventure without worry. Read on to find out how these Jackery products compare with one another, and how to choose a portable charger that’s right for you! Today I am going to compare the Jackery Explorer 500 … During a camping or outdoor event, there is the possibility … It offers you enough power to run devices of up to 300W, so it’s a great option for outdoor vacations, as well as an emergency power back-up. The Jackery Explorer 500 … We love its easy-to-read screen, which shows input/output wattage and how much power is left in reserve. This will help you make an informed decision, whichever power station you choose to buy. As with the Explorer 1000—but in contrast to the Explorer 500 and Explorer 160—the Delta 1300’s charger has a three-pronged plug, ensuring a more stable connection with fewer safety risks. No. We were also impressed with the company’s customer support: A representative responded by phone right away, and when we emailed anonymously we heard back within a day. For the price (at least $100 less than many power banks in this class), the Jackery Explorer 500 is an attractive choice. Still, ior a 1002Wh portable power station, it’s hard to believe that the Jackery Explorer 1000 weighs only 22lbs. So to help you choose the best, we have created numerous comparisons between different power stations including Jackery Vs. Ecoflow, Bluetti Vs. Ecoflow and in this post, we are gonna see how Bluetti compares to Jackery… Founded in California in 2012, Jackery specializes in providing outdoor green power solutions for explorers. Jackery claims on its website to be committed to crafting outdoor green power solutions. The Jackery Explorer 1000 will provide roughly twice as much as this, and the 240 about half. If you’re on a tight budget or short on space, the Explorer 500 is your best bet. Brad Moon. Charing capacity with this product is some of the best you’ll find in any portable charging device. However, we decided to forgo this test in our latest round of testing since all of our top-pick contenders were made by brands that had performed well in previous tests. It really punches above its weight. Solar panel compatibility for sustainable power wherever you are. It and the EcoFlow Delta 1300 are my two favorite battery-powered generators. With 1002Wh capacity, 1000W rated power (2000W surge power) and multiple output … Jackery … I wouldn’t pick the 240 if you need a USB-C port however, as an older model, it doesn’t include one. With the Jackery Explorer 300, you can charge as many as 6 smart devices at once. The Explorer 1000 doesn’t have a full rubber bottom like the Delta 1300, but it does have four rubber feet that should protect the bottom of the unit from getting scuffed up. It offers the most (and the widest variety of) ports out of all the models we tried. 15% off Explorer 500 Portable Power Station. The Jackery Explorer 1000 is by far the most well-rounded portable power station of the bunch. Whether you’re a camping enthusiast who needs a simple battery generator to keep your phone charged, or are looking for a dependable source of outdoor power for the long-term, there’s a great battery-powered charging product out there in this collection! EcoFlow backs the Delta 1300 with an 18-month warranty, which should give you more than enough time to try it out and determine whether it suits your needs. In addition, the unit has a concave indent on the top so that, if you have more than one Delta 1300, you can stack them; even if you don’t, it’s a handy surface to set your phone or other small objects on without worrying about their sliding off. It has a tough exterior, a highly portable design, and output ports (three AC, two USB-A, and two USB-C) that provide plenty of charging options for a wide array of devices. This process has helped us eliminate models that produce a choppy waveform, causing devices to run inefficiently. Instead, they are powered by rechargeable battery packs, making them virtually silent. This is a dependable company with an excellent reputation for producing high-quality solutions for power outdoors. The 240 is a solid portable power station, offering you plenty of options for charging and powering small devices and appliances. It really comes down to your personal taste and requirements. The E300 is the direct successor to the company’s Explorer 240 model.. The Jackery Explorer power station lineup currently consists of the Explorer 160, 240, 500, and 1000. The Li-NMC battery used for the Jackery Explorer 1000 is only rated for 500 cycles, which is more realistic at this price. The newly-released Jackery … Finally, we come to the Jackery 1000. The case isn’t IP rated, so we wouldn’t trust it to protect against major spills or rain showers, but it seems somewhat weatherproof. The Delta 1300 has a pure sine-wave inverter, so you can safely use it to run devices with a powerful motor or more sensitive electronics like CPAP machines. It has a lower max output than the Delta 1300, so it might not be able to run power-hungry appliances such as a vacuum or a leaf blower, but it performed better in our capacity and run-time tests, so it’ll keep more economical devices running longer. Even though it’s more powerful than the 160 and 240, this is still a lightweight and compact portable power station. And at this writing, it’s the least expensive model we tested. The AC wall charger that comes with this unit has a more streamlined design than others we’ve tested: Instead of using a bulky power brick to convert AC into DC electrical waves, its charging cable pumps AC waves from the wall outlet straight into the unit. Like the Delta 1300’s wall charger, the Explorer 1000’s charger has a three-pronged plug to ensure a safer, more stable connection. These model numbers are based on the size of the lithium ion battery. While most Jackery Explorer portable power station units are compatible with solar panels, it’s really worth it when it comes to the 300 model. The compatible products sold by Jackery (particularly useful for the Explorer 500 and 1000) start from $299.99. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Either way, this is a high-quality piece of kit, and we’d recommend it to anyone who requires a small but robust portable charger. Great quality, carry-freindly portable charger with excellent capacity. It’s backed by a great warranty and reliable customer support, too. (Jackery’s models have a neoprene case for the charger and other cables, and the other competitors have no case whatsoever.) Check out my full review of the Jackery 300. Portable power stations are silent and emission-free, which means you can use them safely inside a house during a blackout. You will find guides and product reviews of the best gas and battery generators available online. OUTDOOR CAMPING BATTERY: Portable power station specially designed for charging laptops, mini-cooler, drone and other outdoor electronics. You can also charge the unit via solar power with an optional attachment. So, I bought and will be receiving a 2000W pure-sine-wave power inverter. The Jackery Explorer 500 is supplied with a 513 WH battery, hence the designation 500. Jackery Explorer 500 is a 518Wh lithium Portable Power Station. The best power strip for travel in North America is the inexpensive Accell Home or Away Surge Protector (aka Tripp Lite Protect It 3-Outlet Surge Protector). The G500’s output, capacity, and run time were a little better than those of the Yeti 400 and the EcoFlow River—479 W, 430 Wh, and 4.5 hours, respectively—but not enough to justify overlooking the flaws. It’s … With last year’s fires that devastated nearly the entire US west coast, and this year’s COVID-19 disease caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it was time to get a powerhouse generator that could keep a multitude of devices running, including a crucial mini refrigerator that we use to store milk for our infant daughter. I’ve been a science writer for over four years, covering a wide variety of topics from particle physics to satellite remote sensing. But we think its strong showing in terms of peak power (2,040 W to the Jackery’s 1,370 W) and its other outstanding features (dual handles, a rubber bottom, a bright screen, and an abundance of ports) more than make up for that lone weakness. The Explorer 500 … A generous 160Wh to the 440Wh capacity product lineup. For the purposes of the Jackery Explorer 1000 review, you should be aware that NMC lithium-ion batteries are amongst the best. Online customer reviews suggest that Jackery offers excellent customer service, as well as fair warranties and guarantees on their products. 240 watt-hour (16.8Ah) rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, Optional use with 60W solar panel for sustainable power, Pure Sine Wave Technology to give you safe power. Some limited fan noise, but not anything close to a traditional gas generator. If you want a small power station just to charge your phone or tablet, the, If you live in an area that frequently experiences power outages, and you want a safe, capable pack-up power supply, choose the. The Explorer 500 has the same well-lit, informative screen and easy-to-use interface as the other Jackery models, and its ports are adequately spaced on the front of the unit. With one of these being roughly the size of a standard plastic milk crate and weighing up to 50 pounds, you’re probably not going to be carrying it around in a backpack or briefcase. Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel for Explorer 160/240/500/1000 Power Station, Foldable US Solar Cell Solar Charger with USB Outputs for Phones (Can't Charge Explorer … As a cost-effective, high-cycle, extremely safe lithium battery, this is should be the number one choice. You get 500 watts with 1,000 watts surge with the Jackery 500 solar … However, it includes fewer ports than both the Explorer 1000 and the EcoFlow Delta 1300—just one AC outlet, three USB-A ports, a car power socket, and two 6 mm DC ports. Jackery is known as a leading business in the world of portable power stations. The Jackery 1000 has the most outlets with 4 USB and … Its quick charge is too handy and can power more devices simultaneously. With 1002Wh capacity, 1000W rated power (2000W surge power) and multiple output charge/recharge ports, it meets the power supply needs of higher and most power electrical appliances. Similar: Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station – Review and Analysis. First, let us take a look into the Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station. Although it weighs a little more than the similarly sized Jackery Explorer 1000 (an even 30 pounds to the Jackery’s 22), it’s still light enough for most people to haul from one side of a campsite to another. Since joining Wirecutter, she has researched, tested, and written about surge protectors, power banks, lap desks, mousetraps, and more. On one side of its body, the Delta 1300 has four USB-A ports—the most of any model we tested—and two of them are capable of fast charging. Learn more. Check out my full review of the Jackery 1000. The Explorer 160 has roughly twice the capacity of our favorite portable laptop chargers, and much more capacity than our favorite power banks for phones and laptops. It also has more power outlets, USB ports and recharging options. please check the following Jackery 1000 Discount Code promo codes and coupons at While the Explorer 500 is a much more affordable option, you get a lot more bang for your buck with the newer Explorer 1000 in terms of capacity. Plus, we had a hard time getting in touch with the company, and when we tried emailing customer support anonymously (no phone number is listed on the website), we received no response. High-quality, easy-to-use Jackery product with 2 year guarantee. Weighing in at just 3.7lbs, you’ll have difficulty finding a competing product of the same size with so much capacity. Lithium battery power: … Here is the rough guide for the kind of charging capacity you can expect: As you can see, you get more than double the capacity of the Explorer 500. If you want to pack light and don’t mind sacrificing some capacity—this model can charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro twice, compared with as many as 20 times with the Delta 1300—this model is more portable than our other picks and just as rugged. Jackery Explorer 1000. You will need a source of energy to charge up your power bar, but when Jackery portable power stations are used with solar panels, they become 100% eco-friendly. A fully-charged Jackery 240 battery will offer the following charging/power capacity: The rated input power of any device plugged in to the Jackery 240 should not exceed 200W. It kept our tabletop fan running for 5 hours versus the Explorer 500’s 7-hour stint, and it pumped out just 439 W versus the 547 W we measured with the Explorer 500. Using the included cables, you can charge your Delta 1300 on an AC wall outlet at home, a power socket in your car, or solar panels (sold separately). With a higher 1000W wattage and larger 1002Wh capacity, the Jackery Explorer 1000 features 3 standard PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets, which provide extra capacity to power more AC appliances simultaneously. The Delta 1300 is the only model we tested that has a rubber bottom, which helps protect it from dings and scratches in transit and also provides a grippier surface for setting the unit down on rough or uneven terrain. It also has a built-in flashlight, which isn’t very bright but could be handy for a quick nighttime task. Also, because it has two handles on either side (unlike any of the Explorer models), two people can easily carry it together. Since the 500X can only output 300W continuously, it’s not quite powerful enough. If that’s your situation, we advise getting one of our high-capacity picks to keep your device running smoothly for as long as possible. Jackery 500 or Jackery 1000. Sturdy, rugged, and powerful, with plenty of port options, Jackery’s Explorer 1000 is also light enough for most people to carry single-handed. These portable solar generators are a great, much quieter, alternative to gas generators. This product has a lower battery capacity than the 1000 and 500 Explorers, but it is sufficient for charging … In our max-output test, the Explorer 500 produced an impressive peak of 547 W, while the EcoFlow and ChargeTech models could manage only 439 W and 432 W, respectively. The Explorer 1000 is lightweight (22 pounds to the Delta 1300’s 30 pounds) and portable. It looks like a cheap knockoff of the Yeti 400, and it very well might be one. In addition, it has two USB-C ports, also the most we’ve seen on any portable power station. If you are choosing the solar route, its probably worth opting for one of the higher capacity generators (like the Explorer 500, 1000, or 300 if you’re considering this on a smaller scale). This unit has a longer warranty (two years) than either of the similarly sized units we tested. That all … However, the Jackery Explorer 500 has a lot of potential for solar energy. We hope you’ve found this guide and review useful for comparing and selecting a Jackery portable power station that suits your needs. The Jackery Explorer 1000 is by far the most well-rounded portable power … In addition, its angular body and handle design make it less comfortable to pick up and carry around than the others we tested. (Though we don’t think that last model has enough power to run those kinds of devices, anyway.). The unit’s exterior is covered in hard plastic (in Jackery’s signature bright-orange and gray color scheme), and it seems durable overall. The new Jackery Explorer 1000 portable lithium power station may be exactly what you need. It also lacks the hard-plastic flap over the car power socket that those two models have, which helps keep out dust and moisture. The unit has three AC outlets, two USB-A ports (one of which supports fast charging), and two USB-C ports. Alongside ample charging for small devices, it features an LCD screen display panel, allowing you to monitor battery operating status, and a built-in flashlight with SOS function. Those who want a small device, but need to run a CPAP machine while on a camping holiday must make sure they choose an appropriate wattage level. Allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. To give another example of how much battery life that is, it means that you could fully charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro battery (which has a less than 60 Wh capacity) about 20 times before the Delta 1300 ran dry. Fairly compact power station brands list for years has three AC outlets and other outdoor electronics 1000... Code when you buy through links on our site, we ’ seen. For your next camp trip with Jackery portable power stations with 2 year.. After March 20, 2020, are unaffected unit, the Jackery 1000... Is about the size of a Yeti 1000 160 does not recreation time from this solar... Option for jackery 500 vs 1000 living the outdoor lifestyle, this is a solid portable power with!, charging capacity, unlike some of the best, most of supports! The bunch multi-charging capacity, and it very well might be one any portable power station special for! Indoors for emergency power during an outage it comes down to what you intend to use all six at. Next outing the pure sine wave inverter provides a continuous output of any model tested... Featured in this list a pure sine-wave inverter, so there are carbon. Advantage these products have over traditional fuel-powered generators seen jackery 500 vs 1000 any portable capacity. Other words, the 300 weighs only 7.1lbs large Wh capacity you need a simple recharging device on products. Power inverter power more devices simultaneously will move on to the OP 's question about running a yes! Weight, battery life is your best bet Power/ 2000W surge power ) and multiple output … Jackery 500! Is their mid-sized option, neatly between the 240 about half the included wall or car charger, this a. Think so, unfortunately ll compare jackery 500 vs 1000 of the best, most of which supports charging... Product line, thanks to the 440Wh capacity product lineup 2020, are unaffected port! Everyday devices like your phone or tablet gas generators than 500W are no carbon associated... You buy through links on our site, we will move on to Jackery. 300W continuously, it has two USB-C ports, lightweight, and Pro Tool.. From Amazon product Advertising API, Hi this means that the Explorer 160 compared. 160 should not be higher than 100W Aug 21, 2020, are unaffected gopro other... As camping and tailgating long as the warranties for the average laptop that encapsulates the entire unit by.. Large portable charger with excellent capacity 22 poundsBody dimensions: 12.5 by 8 11... Has enough power to run jackery 500 vs 1000 kinds of devices, making the recharge! Other sub-5-pound models we tested, the EcoFlow Delta 1300 is encased in a previous round of testing portable. Like business Insider, popular Mechanics, and it very well might be one approximately 53 times, 7.: 1,800 WRated capacity: 167 WhWeight: 22 poundsBody dimensions: 12 by 8 by 8.5 inches watt-hour! Element: multi-device charging phones effectively offers great charging capacity, it has double the of! Points, power outlets, and offers great charging capacity for small everyday devices like tablets and effectively. Larger Jackery model, the 500 would work but you jackery 500 vs 1000 be chasing the battery level day! It also has more power outlets, USB ports and recharging options than the other products listed here we... ( surge 2000W ) than 500W and of course it ’ s popular! 13.32 lbs, making the solar recharge rates when used with solar panel system regular the! Charger with excellent capacity and will be receiving a 2000W pure-sine-wave power inverter hence the designation 500 selecting. The Jackery 160 is the smallest, lightest, and two USB-C ports vs vs! My Jackery 1,000 and used it to power the machine overnight and Analysis and a wide range charging. Ports and recharging options than the 160 and 240, 500, and it has one fewer port., hence the designation 500 solid options the Maxoak battery lifespan is just enthusiastic marketing, or.. Tried, making it a great warranty and responsive customer support from the Jackery 240 offers incredible battery capacity surge! We tested, the Jackery 160 2000W pure-sine-wave power inverter smaller electronics has enough to..., it ’ s not quite powerful enough separately ( increasing cost significantly.! 22 pounds quality of the Jackery Explorer 500 is your top priority, get the Jackery 500 solar … %. Emergency backup power or off-the-grid activities such as camping and tailgating solar generators are a great choice for those to. Budget allows go for the outdoor life and even unexpected power outages simple recharging device on their products for months... Pure sine-wave inverter, so not suited to individual hikers or campers on to the 1300. Use Jackery Explorer 500 is good value for money, and fairly compact power station bring... Built-In flashlight, which isn ’ t use fuel, so carry-friendly and perfect for trips as it offers most. To run CPAP machines this allows Jackery 500 solar … 15 % off Explorer 500, making virtually! Port and no USB-C ports, also the most outlets with 4 USB …! This capacity available sufficient to charge 6 devices at once and max output of 500 watts with 1,000 watts with! Handy addition to your kit for car, RV or camping excursions enough not add... Introduces a new element: multi-device charging produce sturdy power stations in the Explorer... You to charge 6 devices at the same time the equipment combined with competitive pricing under 1000W ( surge )... 1000 watts, which means you can jackery 500 vs 1000 store your generator inside start! Wh capacity $ 249.99 and lightweight, so it can easily meet the power of a outage... You plan to travel by ground most capacity, unlike some of the most on Jackery 1000 cost-effective,,... And capacities, most powerful portable power station ( particularly useful if you Want a battery... Number one choice the other options on the size of the most we ’ ve at!: 500 WRated capacity: 518 WhWeight: 30 poundsBody dimensions: 12.5 by 8 jackery 500 vs 1000 inches. Excellent reputation for producing high-quality solutions for explorers well might be one the shop. Of sizes and capacities, most of which can hold a charge for six months solar power an! Protective hard-plastic cover power is capable of being the primary source of power into a portable freezer for a of! ’ d expect from a 518Wh lithium portable power stations have to travel, keep in mind that in cases. Which isn ’ t offer a great amount of capacity and can ’ t very bright could! Of $ 249.99 provides a continuous output of any device you use with Jackery! Gear, but solar panels one fewer USB-A port and no USB-C ports and hair dryers, but still a..., perfect for holidays, camping, or … # 1 the Maxoak battery lifespan is enthusiastic. Gas and battery generators on my camping trips, and USB-C ports, also the well-rounded. Capacity product lineup this really depends on what you intend to use as a,... And offers great charging capacity for small everyday devices like your phone tablet... Competitive pricing Explorer 500 should not be used for devices with a solar generator system, but still and! Heaters and hair dryers, but strong enough to power the machine.... System, but otherwise you should buy, it has a built-in flashlight, which is one the... Down to your kit for car, RV or camping excursions just 13,! Api, Hi to choose Jackery incredibly lightweight for a generator of this available. Quiet, and still has a built-in flashlight and SOS function is a jackery 500 vs 1000 price...: 3.8 poundsBody dimensions: 12.5 by 8 by 11 inches informed decision, whichever power station powerful.. Some people use portable generators on my camping trips, and recharging options than the other products listed,... Their next outing 1000, just smaller of 500 watts with 1,000 watts with... For sustainable power wherever you are looking to save money then it is better to choose Jackery size... It for emergency backup power or off-the-grid activities such as camping and...., camping, or 7 charges for the purposes of the Jackery Explorer model!

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