This allows the water to penetrate deep into the sub-soil and root zone of the grass, six inches deep. While many people believe that lowering your blades and cutting your lawn shorter will decrease the frequency with which you have to mow, it actually damages your lawn. This can quickly lead to overwatering, brown patches, and an increase in your water bill. Some need more shade to thrive while others need full sun. Watering in the morning (before 10 a.m.) is the best time for your lawn; it’s cooler and winds tend to be calmer so water can soak into the soil and be absorbed by the grass roots before it can evaporate. If you must water in the evening, try between 4 and 6 p.m. which should give the … So if you can’t water your lawn at night, what exactly are your options? Different varieties of grass have different requirements. Proper lawn care will promote strong grass roots that absorb water more efficiently, leaving you with a healthy lawn. Our goal is to always provide honest advice & real solutions to our customers. Spiked shoes are not the best way to aerate your lawn. Should I Water My Lawn in the Morning or Evening? The truth is: watering at night is a bad idea. The more shallow your grass roots are, the less hearty it will be in hot weather. When you water cooled soil in the evening or … Have no fear, we’re here to help you figure out what you can do to get your lawn watered, and to keep it healthy! Ideally, the best time to water your lawn is in the early morning! Updating your irrigation system can save you up to 20% on your water bill. Nope! It can throw off your mowing schedule, and if you have kids you probably don’t want them playing on the wet grass. Watering your lawn at night REALLY would be more convenient, but it really is detrimental to your grass. It will still be cool enough that the water won’t evaporate too quickly, but since the day is beginning to heat up, the water won’t stay soaking into your lawn for hours on end, which is what encourages fungi, bacteria, and certain kinds of bugs (like mosquitos) to make a home in your yard. Read on to learn what to do and what not to do to get the best lawn this season. Most houses and apartments now have an automatic sprinkler system that can be set up to water only during certain times of the day for certain periods of time. Early in the morning! Watering the grass every single day for 15 minutes. In hot, dry weather, water shrubs and flowers daily. Made of plastic, you don’t have to worry about it rusting if you leave it set out in the sun for extended periods of time, and it’s incredibly durable, completely capable of withstanding both harsh weather and children. So, first check to see what type of grass you’re growing before investing your time, energy, and money. By watering your lawn wisely, you can conserve a precious resource and save money on your water bill. This turns the lawn into a shallow-rooted water junkie that demands a water fix every day just to soldier on. Longer, deeper waterings encourage deeper root growth and will prevent browning and burning during the hottest weeks of summer. No, water it in the morning! Some types of grass require more water than others. You can rest assured that this is 100% a myth, and while watering your lawn when it’s hot may not be the most efficient use of your water, there won’t be a negative impact on your grass. Traditionally we are told to avoid watering on hot, sunny days at all costs, as water droplets can apparently create tiny lenses to focus the sun’s rays and burn the leaves of plants. Water late in the evening or early in the morning. Watering every day doesn’t promote deep root growth. Only forest soils are better at removing all manner of pollutants from the environment before they reach groundwater. Watering your lawn in daytime, says Kao, could result in up to 80 percent of the water being lost to evaporation. Your lawn will do best when watered deeply and infrequently. hbspt.cta.load(2097234, 'c7e2b831-3747-4907-8b50-db8c2b92ad82', {}); © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Custom Lawn & Landscape Inc. | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Your Personal Technician has a college degree, is experienced, and is your trusted advisor. Watering early in the morning puts less strain on public water supplies because the peak demand is during the evening. Mesmerize yourself by putting together these bamboo garden ideas with your lawn. There’s a balance that needs to be maintained when watering your lawn if you’re going to keep it healthy. Don’t let your sprinklers run at night. Think of green grass clippings as free … When should I water ? So you can’t water your lawn at night, but you shouldn’t water your lawn when it’s hot or sunny to be efficient with your water. There are a lot of reasons why watering the lawn during the day can be inconvenient. This usually makes the evening at sunset (or after) more favorable to early morning watering. We provide full service-residential & commercial lawn care, mowing, & irrigation services. Be a night owl. Henson adds, “Even if you let the lawn go brown, water it every so often.” She recommends covering the lawn with mulch or dead leaves that will … Dig about four inches down. So, is turning the sprinklers on at night at option? The opposite is true. Getting the water to soak that deep is easier when it isn’t hot, but as you can imagine, having a lawn soaking in six inches of water night after night doesn’t do good things for it. Without the sun to help dry up the water, it can turn your lawn into a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus that have the potential to actually kill your lawn. The rule of thumb for lawns is to water one-inch deep each time you water. Watering your grass at night is not a good idea as it will promote the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew. When you water your lawn, you need to water it deeply enough that the water soaks around six inches into the ground, which is about how deeply the roots of the grass go. Myth: Wilting is a sign that it's time to water. It can also encourage weed growth as weeds fare better in drier, hotter conditions than grass. But, on the off chance that you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system available to you, there are other options! In fact, they are beneficial because they aerate the soil. Watering everyday makes grass roots shallow. If you know the day is going to be hot, the best time to water your lawn is early in the morning, when it’s not so hot that the water will evaporate more quickly, but also not so cool that the water will just stagnate in your grass, which isn’t good for it. Instead of watering shallowly every day for 15 minutes, water deeply once a week for an hour or so (or how ever long it takes to apply an inch of water). The brown on the surface at the beginning of the spring will slowly recede into the background all by itself as new grass grows. We also maintain your trees, shrubs and landscape. When to Stop Watering Your Lawn . Instead water about two times per week for longer periods of time. This makes it possible to cover more ground, so long as you have the hose and sprinklers to do it. Water in the early morning – between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. When is the best time to water? This timer, with thousands of satisfied reviews, is incredibly easy to use, and will easily automate your sprinkler system. MYTH: Grass clippings are ugly, and they’re bad for the lawn. A few grubs are normal for any healthy lawn. Using a hose to water your lawn may be more ineffective than you realize. Click here to check this product out on Amazon, and see if it’s right for you! So, feel free to mulch those clippings right back into the yard without worry. So you really want the water to be off the plants when the sun is out. Watering at any time of day is better than not watering at all. Flexzilla Lightweight Heavy Duty Garden Hose, Gold Moss For your Garden (Care tips, Facts and Pictures), Irish Moss for Your Garden (Care Tips, Facts and Pictures), Parrot Tulips Garden Guide [Care Tips, Shopping Links and Pictures], How To Trim A Palm Tree in 5 Simple Steps. Morning, around 6 to 8 a.m., is the best time to water. Just chop them into pieces the size of a dime or smaller and ditch that rake! But the sun evaporating the water sounds like a bad thing, doesn’t it? Hollow-tine aeration is far more effective than solid-tine aeration, so your best course of action is to rent a core aerator or hire a pro. However, when you water in the heat of the afternoon, you lose moisture to evaporation, and … Some of it is true. Carefully time afternoon watering so grass blades don’t remain moist overnight, which minimizes the threat of fungal diseases. Should I Dormant Seed My Lawn This Winter? More than that can drown your grass, depleting it of oxygen and causing it to die, so measure your output and wait about three days between each watering session to give it a chance to breathe. Certain grasses do better when cut at different lengths. It has nozzles on each side of the sprinkler, meaning you can attach a garden hose to both sides and expand your range, enabling you to connect another sprinkler on the same “line”. Should we water our lawn in winter? For example, tall fescue is best suited for fall seeding because it has time to get established before the brutal heat of summer hits. The silly idea that water acts like a magnifying glass is just an urban myth. A Myth… with a Beneficial Side Effect. By watering your lawn at night, when water collects on grass and leaves, much less water is lost to evaporation. Night or early in the morning are the most effective times to water, because wind and evaporation are lower. If on the other hand you extend the period of wetness by watering at 7pm or 10am, fungal diseases are more likely to result. Along with cutting grass too short, watering at night is about the worst thing you can do to a lawn,” he says. When you water the lawn in the evening, the water will just sink into the ground and stagnate around the roots of your grass until the sun comes out and dries out the ground. Throw in the info you pick up from well-meaning friends and there's a sea of home care truisms out there, some of which can sink your budget. You can still water your lawn in the middle of the day without hurting it, but if you’re looking for the time that gives you the most efficient use of your water, and gives your grass the time it needs to soak it in, early in the morning is a perfect time! Sometimes, watering your lawn during the day is just inconvenient. A Seedy Little Story: Overseeding Your KC Lawn in the Fall, The Custom Lawn Seeding Process – What to Expect, Custom Lawn’s Great Hometown Experts – Sean O’Dwyer. The local lawn companies I have spoke with around my area (North Central Texas) recommend about 20-30 minutes per watering cycle twice a week. For best results, water your lawn thoroughly three times a week if we do not get significant rainfall. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have a sprinkler system that’s on a timer. By knowing how much moisture is in the soil (say from a frequent rain) these sensors prevent the automated system from watering when it’s not necessary. A solid layer (persisting for more than a month) of ice on lawns can cause suffocation or result in matting of the grass. Ensuring your mower blade is raised during hot summer months will provide much needed shade to your lawn’s roots and will make for a greener and healthier lawn. Myth: Only water your lawn when it looks dry to avoid ruining the roots. Here are the top 5 lawn watering myths to help you separate fact from fiction to get the green lawn you’ve always wanted. Fiddle Leaf Fig Roots Showing – What to Do? Depending on the type of grass you’re planting, it may be better to plant it in the fall. When the weather gets hot and dry, many people get the hosepipe out and water their lawns.. So, watering in full sun won’t burn foliage, but it’s still not the best time to water, so maybe the myth is useful… indirectly. If it doesn’t rain (or snow! If you water at night, the grass stays wet longer, which sets up a moist environment for fungus and other issues to thrive and this will harm the overall health of your lawn. Watering Grass At Night Myth Watering Can Be Done Anytime And Any Day The best time anyone can get to water their grass is between 4 am to 10 am and the worst thing that anyone can do to his lawn is to water it at night. Nighttime watering of a lawn with poor soil often suffocates grass roots and invites disease to the moist areas. Built lighter than most garden hoses, it’s easy to carry around your yard, and with a flexible build, not only will it coil easily, but it doesn’t retain the “memory” of the coil, so you don’t have to worry about it kinking up when it’s in use. You can buy it in many different increments of length, from three feet long (pictured below) to one hundred feet long. Click here to check this product out on Amazon’s website! Grass clippings are mostly water and will break down quickly, returning nutrients to your lawn. Fact: By the time your lawn looks brown and dry, it’s already too late. If you live in an area that has four distinct seasons, autumn is a time when temperatures begin to drop, the days become shorter, and the growth of your grass begins to slow down. Watering in the early morning will also make the water available to the plants throughout the day, so that the plants will be able to deal better with the heat of the sun. When you water your lawn at night, the sun isn’t around to help evaporate the water. A Garden Hose Is More Cost Efficient Than Installing a Sprinkler System. Between twelve and two, You can tell what the day will do. It's best to water established lawns at the rate of 1 inch per week - applied all at 1-time to promote deep roots. Generally, no. If your grass is long and lush, you can try deep soaking. [5 Crucial Things to Consider], Geranium Hanging Baskets (Care Guide, PICTURES and more). You’re going to need three things, a hose (or more than one), a sprinkler to attach to it, and a timer. Have you ever noticed brown, dead patches of grass in your lawn, even though you’re pretty sure you’re watering it consistently? You can't. Heavy clay soil holds water much longer than sandy soil. Aerating at least 5% of the soil surface will alleviate a compacted lawn. Most newer sprinkler systems have smart technology like rain sensors and soil moisture sensors that can help regulate watering times. Secondly, water on plants in the sun can cause scorching - regardless of your latitude. When you water your lawn in the morning, you give it plenty of time to drink in the water before the sun comes out and the afternoon heat starts to evaporate the moisture. Sitemap | Lawn Care Websites by Lure Creative, Save Time and Improve Your Lawn by Using This Lazy Man’s Mowing Tip, 3 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time to Seed Your Yard. Get Your Sprinkler System Winterized NOW! As Amazon’s number one selling garden hose, with thousands of reviews to back up its quality. Plants receiving reflected heat from buildings, walls and fences are more subject to damage. Environmentally Responsible Approach - Our top concerns are you and your family’s safety & the long term health of our beautiful planet. It’s true that a thick layer of leaves can smother grass if left for too long, a light or moderate layer of leaves can be simply mulched back into the lawn by mowing over them. All rights reserved (c) 2019 People who water their lawn by hand have been known to overwater certain areas, while leaving others areas of their lawn thirsty. Once you’ve set your desired time of day and length of each watering session, you can go to work, or on a vacation, safe in the knowledge that your lawn is going to get watered when you want, and for the length of time you chose. This is because the water droplets act like small lenses, concentrating the sun. The nozzle on top connects to the water spigot on your house, and you can attach up to two hoses on the bottom of the device. Research has shown that proper fertilization practices encourage a dense healthy stand of turfgrass. Unfortunately, as simple as lawn watering is in practice, many lawn owners get it wrong. Related Read: Save Time and Improve Your Lawn by Using This Lazy Man’s Mowing Tip. How Much Water Does A Rubber Tree Need (Inc. How Often)? Alternatively, there is a very similar, though less-known saying about rainbows: Rainbow in the morning, Sailors take warning; Rainbow at night, Sailors delight; Rainbow at noon, Rain very soon. Check out this #1 selling lawn sprinkler on Amazon by clicking here! It’s much easier and faster than raking them all and it provides nutrients for the grass. "A wet lawn at night is the perfect condition for fungus to grow. ), watering depends on many factors. It’s really a guessing game for the homeowner. This is not true. And it can be a waste, because much of the water will evaporate under the hot sun. If you’re needing a hose to start your lawn-watering adventure, this hose is the way to go. The low angle of winter sun makes this more likely on south or west exposures. There is a gardening myth that watering in the morning will make the plants susceptible to scorch. No. As long as it doesn’t get thicker than 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch, thatch actually contributes to your lawn’s health. Spiked shoes will not accomplish that. When cut too short, grass roots can be overexposed to the hot sun causing your lawn to turn brown. Timber Garden Edging [Ideas, Tips and Pictures], How To Remove A Tree From Your Yard? Red at night, Sailors delight. There are a number of myths that have been floating around for years that claim that watering your lawn when it’s sunny will burn the lawn, because of the sun being concentrated through the water droplets on the lawn. These systems generally will have instructions either in the box with the control panel, on the wall next to the panel, or for free online, so you can figure out how to set your watering system to operate how you want it to. When the water just sits in your lawn for hours on end, it can start to grow fungi and bacteria that can actually start to kill your lawn. There is reduced risk with night watering if applied at a time when the lawn is wet with dew anyway (roughly 9pm - 9am). Comprised of leaves, stems and roots – some living, some dead – thatch forms naturally in your lawn. Since most homeowners tend to over water the grass, Briggs & Stratton offers this guide full of lawn watering tips to help you understand how to take care of your lawn. If you are unsure as to what type of grass your lawn is made up of or what kind to overseed with, give us a call. But, due to recent advances in technology, today’s sprinkler systems are able to conserve more water than ever. No, dig it up and replace it with a drought-hardy meadow! That is not necessarily true. Watering your lawn at night REALLY would be more convenient, but it really is detrimental to your grass. Watering during the hottest part of the day allows much of the moisture to be evaporated by the sun rather than soak into the soil. The control panel for this system is generally located in your garage, sometimes as an exposed control panel, while other times the control panel is located in a plastic box mounted on the wall. In addition, if watering is done in the evening, grass stays wet all night which increases the risk of disease. Some of it is not. Since spring is the growing season and it rains often in the spring, it seems a reasonable assumption that it’s the best time to plant grass seed. If you find 10 or more grubs in a single square foot, you should use a treatment. It’s actually beneficial to your lawn. Windy sites result in faster drying of sod and plants and require additional wat… About half the water used at home is used outside, and most of that is for watering lawns. Other sayings: Fog on the hills, more water for the mills. Myth 1: … Usually rainfall is enough to see us through. It lies on top of the soil, a tightly woven layer beneath the visible grass blades. Midday watering leads to wasteful evaporation, while nighttime watering causes droplets to cling to grass overnight, increasing the chance of lawn diseases. Yes, wilting is a sign that the leaves aren't getting … Time Is Running Out! Related Read: 3 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time to Seed Your Yard. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This specific model of sprinkler provides spectacular yard coverage, claiming to cover a grand total of 3600 square feet per sprinkler. Water only when air temperatures are above 40 degrees F. Apply water at mid-day so it will have time to soak in before possible freezing at night. Locally owned by the same family since 1981. Keep reading to learn exactly why night watering leads to issues, as well as what the best time to water your lawn is for your climate. Orbit’s 2 Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer. Even if it did act that way, it would absorb most of the heat. Olathe • Overland Park • Lenexa • Leawood • Shawnee • Mission • Spring Hill • Stilwell • Fairway • Roeland Park • De Soto • Kansas City, KS • Prairie Village • Gardner. That’s why we created this guide about the best time to water your lawn. There’s a good chance that your lawn has a fungal or bacterial infection that is killing the grass, and overwatering it, or watering it at night is what causes that. Watering at night is about the worst thing to do for a lawn because the water stays on the grass without the sun to burn in off and the warm weather and darkness combined promote mildew and fungus growth. The best time is early in the morning from 4 am to 10 am. There is a lot of information about lawn care floating around out there. You’ll be able to tell if this is happening to your lawn if you water it consistently, but are still noticing brown spots appearing on your lawn. Each nozzle that attaches to a hose can be put on their own individual timers, giving you complete control over a wide swath of your yard when watering. When you water your lawn at night, the sun isn’t around to help evaporate the water. Save money by watering your lawn at night! Some water is a good thing to do to ensure a healthy return in spring. Using a hose to water … The result can include the spread of fungal disease like Red Thread, the shallow rooting of grass, the onset of moss, and the infestation of weeds and weed grasses.. It’s having too many that can be harmful. Watering can boost the contrast, making your dead grass more visible. The experts at Custom Lawn & Landscape have gathered some of the most popular lawn care myths to expose them for National Lawn Care Month. Enhance your garden with these garden path ideas. At any rate, drops of water falling on leaves in full sun evaporate too quickly to cause any damage whatsoever to the plant. The grass is dormant, but the roots are growing slightly. Watering at the Wrong Time To water well, timing is everything.

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