This specific Adapter Board has been designed to drive eight switches grouped in four different connectors as shown in Figure 1: CN5, CN6, CN7 and CN8. It can handle four voltage measures and four external measures that usually come from hall-effect current transducers. Two constant current generators are also provided for temperature measurement from NTC sensors through CN6 and CN7.

High voltage connector M1 allows to manage up to 1000V AC or DC. It can be used to measure the phase voltages in a 3ph+n electrical system or the desired DC quantities. Each voltage must be applied with reference to pin 4 (PHN).

As shown in Figure 1, an additional DB9 connector is provided to fully support industrial resolver position sensors.

Connectors CN3 and CN4 can be used to glue-less interface external current or voltage sensors. Transducer power supply is provided as +15V and -15V. Each external sensor can have current or voltage output.

The IDC connectors CN5, CN6, CN7 and CN8 can be directly connected to the power electronics converter gate drivers. Each connector provides +15V supply and 2 PWM channels with 0…5V or 0…15V voltage swing. Additionally, a dedicated digital input is routed for gate driver error monitoring. CN6 and CN7 are also equipped with two separated current generators for the excitation of the power module thermal sensor. Hence, the two available temperature measures are routed to the PED-Board low-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC3).

Adapter Board for 3-ph 4-leg VSIFigure 1. Layout of the Adapter Board for 3-ph 4-leg VSI.

AdapterBoard_3ph4leg_VSI_1500pxFigure 2. Final realization of the Adapter Board for 3-ph 4-leg VSI.


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