General questions

Where can I buy the PED-Board?

Interested users can ask for a dedicated quote directly filling the form, os sending an email to:


When will you start shipping the PED-Board?


PED-Board usage

Can I modify the provided PED-Board drivers?

At this stage, PED-Board drivers block diagram is password protected and cannot be modified.

When are you going to release open drivers?

At this moment, there is not a specific date.

I connected the PED-Board but I don’t see the SoM in NI-MAX

The NI-SoM in the FullDevKit is shipped with NI factory settings, which are “DHCP or Link Local“.

Connect the PED-Board to a PC and set the PC ethernet port in DHCP mode. You will see the SoM directly on NI-MAX with the capability to change its settings.

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