• Board size: 48.0mm x 85.0mm;
  • Minimum input bandwidth (high voltage side): 60kHz;
  • Can be power direcly from the GIAB-V1 through JP-ADP connector;
    • Stiff or flexible connection using PMOD or IDC connectors.

JP-ADP pinout
1   –   AIN-1N         2   –   AIN-1P       (PHA-N to PHA)
3   –   AIN-2N         4   –   AIN-2P       (PHB-N to PHB)
5   –   AIN-3N         6   –   AIN-3P       (PHC-N to PHC)
7   –   AGND           8   –   +5VA
9   –   DGND         10   –  +5VD

When used with the GIAB-V1 and the PED-Board default configuration, the resulting voltage LSB is 0.38V. Accuracy can be increased by replacing the PED-Board input circuit scaling resistors. Refer to the PED-Board Hardware and User Manual for detailed information.

PHA to PHA-N   –  ADC1 interface   –   Channel AIN-1P to AIN-1N
PHB to PHB-N   –  ADC1 interface   –   Channel AIN-2P to AIN-2N
PHC to PHC-N   –  ADC1 interface   –   Channel AIN-3P to AIN-3N

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