Monitoring 3-phase electrical distribution systems is attracting interest of researchers and industry. This application note deals with a simple Real-Time and FPGA program devoted to evaluate and show the parameters of a typical 3-phase electrical grid.
FPGA accomplishes the measure acquisition task, forwarding the measurement arrays to the Real-Time target using a FIFO structure. FIFO depth has been configured to store six measures (3 currents and 3 phase voltages), sampled at 10 kHz for 12 electrical periods at 50 Hz. As soon as the FIFO is full, FPGA generates an interrupt to inform the RT target that the elaboration of the sampled data can start. The RT target acknowledges the FPGA interrupt when it is ready to accept a new array of data.
Accordingly, the required arithmetical evaluation is completely performed on the Real-Time target, such as calculation of the rms values, frequency, active, reactive and apparent power, as well as measure visualization.

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