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June 2022 - Adapter Board for Typhoon HIL402 has been released: info
May 2022 - PED-Board V4 has been be released.
May 2022 - New SiC inverter V4 has been be released. New architecture for modular configurations: phase-leg, H-bridge, 3-phase, 4-leg, 6-phase and multi-phase. info
Oct. 2021 - CITRACC, SAU will continue using the PED-Board ecosystem for new products developed jointly with C-PED.
Sept. 2020 - [NEW] Adapter Board for Semikron Skiip3 6xx family: info.
July 2020 - CITRACC, SAU new power converters are under development, still based on the PED-Board ecosystem.
July 2020 - Electric Drive Demo Kit (EDDK) is in full production
January 2020 - EAAT GmbH successfully qualified PED-Board V3. EAAT GmbH.
December 2019 - CITRACC, SAU has successfully deployed 3.3kV and 1.5kV grid connected Active-NPC inverters for energy recovery in railway applications.
July 2019 - Summer Course on Power Electronics and Applications, V edition. Course Schedule and Info.
May 2019 - Find us at the PCIM Exhibition in Nuremberg: info
April 2019 - Samsung (Korea) started using the PED-Board V3


Resolver interface Fully configurable electrical interface Speed and position measurement Resolver fault detection 36 x Digital I/O Hall-effect position sensors interface Encoder interface Relay control Additional PWM General purpose I/O 1 x 10/100/1000 base-T Ethernet port Auto-negotiated, half/full-duplex Programming, debugging…

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PED-Board Mini

PED-Board Mini control board extends the PED-Board ecosystem with a new concept. It is smaller, cheaper and it offers two connecting options. It can be ordered with direct mount fast-plug connectors to strongly simplify the system integration, avoiding any additional…

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